Friday, May 4, 2007

Redang, I'm Coming !!!~

Dear All,

I'm going off to my hometown now. So, start from tomorrow, I won't be around until the coming Monday as I'll be heading to Redang Island in the early morning of Saturday.

I'll be back with a lot of nice photos, most probably with tan skin and sunburn as well which I don't want it to happen on me >.<"

Guys and girls, please take care and enjoy your holidays as I'll be enjoying my holidays too ^^v Hope y'all still around (as in visiting / reading my blog) when I'm back.

By the way, there'd be no guest blogger or any updates during my "absence". Love and miss y'all!~



  1. Have fun!! I wanna see pictures!!! Sexy pictures!

  2. hehe thx... pix comin' soon >.<" we used da RM35 instant underwater cameras 2 capture. So no softcopy 4 now =.=" still waitin' 4 my sis's digi cam.


Dear readers,

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