Sunday, May 27, 2007


To all my dearest friends and readers,

I'm officially on hiatus for 2 days, which is today and tomorrow due to my uni assignment. So during these 2 painful days, you won't be seeing any post updates from me but still I'll check out my blog whenever I'm free. I can't help viewing it whenever I open up my browser =x I'm out of control! My hands are itchy, brain is itchy, heart is itchy... the itchyness really could kill me and make me suffer from insufficient sleep.

Did you ever realize that once you start blogging, you'll actually addicted to it? Maybe it's just me *swt* "Ketagihan Dadah Blogging" and "Dadah Blogging Merbahaya". Hey, I'm not asking you to stop blogging, alright? Just trying to be stupid fool around as assignment is stressful !!!~ May God bless my boi and I, our assignments and every single one of you. *huggiez* Gambateh!~

****** Happy Saturday Night ******



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Dear readers,

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Hope I'll see you again soon! (✿◠‿◠)


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