Thursday, May 10, 2007


In the exciting sci-fi thriller Next Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage stars as Cris Johnson, a Las Vegas magician with a secret gift that is both a blessing and a curse: he has the uncanny ability to tell you what will happen next.

Johnson can see a few minutes into the future, an extrasensory talent that comes in handy for his job as a magician and mentalist in a seedy Vegas club where he performs nightly. It also has its uses at the blackjack tables when Cris needs some extra cash.

But his talent is no mere parlor trick, and his dexterity with the portals of time has not gone totally unnoticed. FBI counter-terror agent Callie Ferris, played by Oscar nominee Julianne Moore, is eager to tap his brain to help thwart a terrorist group's planned attack on Los Angeles with a weapon of mass destruction.

With the nuclear time bomb ticking, Cris Johnson could be the key in averting a nuclear holocaust. If he doesn't use his powers to back-channel through the right portals and change the present, his future and the future of hundreds of thousands could be a thing of the past.

(Source: GSC)

I'm planning to watch this movie later in the afternoon ^^v So, stay tune & wait for my feedback / comment after I come back from my night class =D I'm expecting for a great action movie, please don't ever let me down, Nicholas Cage !~

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