Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Boi Boi

Boi boi, I know you're very tired and definitely sleeping like a piggy rite now.

Hope I could be the first one who wishes you "Happy Birthday 生日快乐"

I Love you Always, forever *muack* I'd love to celebrate the very same day of every coming years with you *huggiez*

P.S. Does anyone of you happen to know any nice homemade cake shops on Penang Island? Mind to share with me and others?


  1. Oh yeah! Jeff, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

  2. Hehe, I'll help u pass ur wishes to him. Thankz ^^

  3. Happy belated B'day Jeff :)

    Christina: For nice homemade cake, you can get it from Jenni Homemake Cake House situated along Jalan Cantonment Road, next to the Pulau Tikus Bandar Baru Supermarket. They specialized in cheesecakes. Try the Tiramisu too. Their cakes are just nice and not too sweet. You can try out some of their quarter cakes. It's bigger and cheaper than Secret Recipes' cake slice.


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