Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lan Gwai Fong

Lan Gwai Fong

Gosh, I look exactly like a panda right now @_@ with only 3 hours sleep in this morn. I woke up unwillingly early in this morn cause my shaperobic class started at 10.30. Luckily this time no muscle-ache at all but just my tummy's feeling like cramming, LoL

After came back from gym, we went to my aunt's hair saloon to wash and trim my hair. Hehe, guess how long is my hair now? Muahaha, it still looks the same! I requested to trim ony 1 inch!!! =D Can't blame for loving my hair too much...

Today happens to be Nick's mommy's birthday, so all of us were invited to have lunch together at Lan Kwai Fong in somewhere near Queensbay Mall. What's the lady behind looking at? Haha..

My sis is listening attentively to Jojo talking about her bad experiences with KL bus drivers and bad services in Pudu Raya.

My messy boi without styling his hair, gonna take him for a haircut tomorrow =P

Pity my boi still having sore-throat, he ate nothing but just a glass of coke to fill up his big stomach =x

Can't remember the name of this dish...

The noodle tastes like "Wontan Mee" but my sis says the "Cha Sio" and "Sio Bak" are great ^^v

*blink blink* This is for me but the fries are too much! So I just shared with others.

Anger !!!

This evening, after I come back from dinner, from far I heard car alarm ringing. So my boi turned around and have a look at what was happening. Then I saw a guy walking towards us, he told us that there's a car with plate no. XXXX being bang by another car. Immediately, I put down all my things and ran to my sis's car to have a look. This is how the car looks like...

All I can tell is the drive is totally a s***er who doesn't even know how to drive!!! I don't know how the h*** he gets his driving license. Our car was properly parked in the parking lot, the road is so wide until can fit in 3 cars in a row! It was too late to do anything when I get home cause the dry batteries already dried out, can't even start up the car engine >.<" Please tell me how to report a hit-and-run car accident with no witness at all... Anyone in Penang Island could help to claim car insurance on this? *sob sob*


  1. where is this lan kwai fong restaurant?

  2. Hi there Nicholas ^^ nice having u here. da restaurant is juz in front of Queensbay Mall's entrance... da one in front of TGI Friday =)


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