Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Counting Down to Redang

Yo, sup y'all ? Check it out, check it out !!!~ Ms. Xtina is going to Redang in another 2 days, 23 hrs, 59 m 13s to go. "Breathe... you get me so, get me so excited... I'm hot, come on, so get it ready..." that's Janet Jackson feat. Khia - So Excited, LoL! This photo is taken from somewhere which I can't really remember but it looks amazing. Let's pray that it won't be raining when I get there, k? *praying hard*

Hmm, what's this camera doing here? Thanks my buddy, Kah Peng for taking his previous time (even though he was having his period... assignment period I mean) to write a post about this camera which is able to take photo underneath the water. Thanks for the details provided but I ain't no professional camera buyer/user @_@ Plus, I can't afford to buy such expensive $$$ camera at this moment.

Anyone else going to Redang Island between 5th of May ~ 8th of May besides me and Minny? Well, if you happen to be there please feel free to drop me your name and contact number ^^ maybe we could meet up or something ?


  1. Aah Redang... my vacation away from the city.. been there like 4 times already and stillnot bored of it!

    That's cause I'm a big fan of beaches and especially CLEAN BEACH!

    What more Redang is affordable place for me! Hehehe!

    Enjoy ur trip sexy!

  2. Nastasshea: Did u juz call me sexy? *blink blink...blushes* Hehe, this is my 1st trip 2 there... lets hope it's still as clean as last time ^^


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