Sunday, May 13, 2007

Perhentian (Part I)

At first, we planned to depart at 3 a.m. but then we postponed the departure time to 5 a.m. My and I boi already settled down in my hometown (in north of Perak) a day before we start traveling. When everything is ready, together we departed with our home-made sandwiches, some junk food, plenty of mineral waters, and our belongings.

Heading all the way to north passed pass Gerik, Banding... until we reached our final destination. As expected, we saw elephants on roadside which we weren't able or even dare to capture. LoL else, you gonna see our faces being displayed on the newspaper headlines stating, "Kereta Dipijak oleh gajah kerana cuba menangkap gambarnya".

To those who are planning to travel here, you're reminded to bring at least a dozen of 1 litre mineral waters or even a box of them cause the mineral water here is really expensive.

After we had our dinner at Kuala Besut, my sis and nick bought a water proof camera (with 27 shoots) which costs them RM 45 where by we just bought it for RM35 in another groceries shop.

After 30-40 minutes of boat riding, we finally reach our destination. The "seaman" was speeding so fast until the sea water splashed most of the visitors on that medium-sized boat.

This is the place where we gonna eat and sleep for the coming few days and nights. I love the breakfast, lunch and dinner being served here... yummylicous =D~

Lets have a look at our rooms first, k? I can't wait to get into the seawater >.<" Those small houses look very cute, aren't they?

o.O" A wooden chalet would be our sanctuary that keeps us from the burning sunshine, salty seawind and of course to protect us from the wild animals on this island.

So relaxing... this trip reminds me about the movie "Cast Away" starring the famous actor, Tom Hanks. My boi quickly shut my mouth when I mentioned these 2 words LoL! *touchwood*

Haha, it's time for cam whoring again !!!~ la la la...


My gangster love =P

My bro's "steamed chicken" shot =x if only you understand what I'm saying, LoL

1, 2, 3 jump!~ *splash* Woo, so cold and salty?!

Do you believe there's such thing called "Kutu Laut" (sea louse / flea) ? LoL, cause all of us get bitten by them ~.~ It's so pain !!!~

Wow, not only one but a lot of jellyfishes. There are 3 colors of them but only red color is poisonous. So watch out!!!

This is a type of starfish, really big huh? The star-shaped starfish is not available in the sea here according 2 the local pro divers.

Don't waste your time no more, lets enjoy our snorkeling trip !!!~

Woah, lots of sea cucumbers here but don't eat it though =x My mom was screaming so loud when my boi put this thing in front of her. She definitely get freaked off... bad bad boi *smack ass*

Hehe, we get to see tiny little Nemo everyday. Please don't accuse us for being cruel cause every single thing we get from the sea will back into the sea again right before we leave the spot and that's for sure ^^v Protect the sea creatures, protect the sea !!!~

When I asked the "seaman" about water level (height), he answered me 4 feet I guess? So quickly I jumped into the water with no hesitation but hang on!!! My legs can't reach the bottom when I bended my head down into the water. *swt* I was so panic then the pro diver came in to hold my hands *phew* the water is 4 metres and above, LoL!

See what's in my hand? Hehe, I don't know what's the "thing" called as I'm not a marine biologist =P

Wow, we enjoyed 4 different snorkeling trips during our first day here except the 5th one where we were suppose to see sharks there but it was crowded with huge jellyfish with extremely long legs >.<" scary !!!~

This is a MUST visit island where you get to shower yourself with the mountain's fresh water. It's really cold and refreshing, plus you can drink it if you like too. I heard from my netfriend saying that this place is called Pantai Berani. Thanks for the info buddy *huggiez*

Not so many boats stop by during the firsst day, so we were still able to enjoy it slowly.

Waiting for my turn...

Second round? LoL @_@

It was 5 something when we were leaving to Perhentian Island, a tiring day I must say =D

See my boi's face? He looked so pale, I heard that he threw out after the 1st or 2nd snorkeling trip *muackz* *sayang* my boi has water phobia but I'm glad that he was able to against it during the 2nd day ^^v Boiboi must learn swimming harder, k ?

We were exhausted and so hungry! Lets go back for our rich dinner!!!~ Yay =D

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