Wednesday, May 23, 2007

'' ~ * Tomatoes * ~''

Early in this evening, my sis came back around 5 something as she promised to prepare us a home-cook dinner. My boi wasn't here at that time cause he's kinda busy helping out his daddy. After we enjoyed the lovely dinner, I followed my sis out to visit Nick's mom in Island Hospital who just had her throat operation.

Both of his parents have been kind and friendly to us, all the while ever since we first met. Still remember the time when I used to travel to B.M every week just to get hand and foot massages from a well-known therapist there. Each and every time we get there, his daddy will invite us to join them breakfast or dinner right before we head back to Penang. Hope she'll get well soon ^^v

After the visit, we end up shopping in Queensbay Mall. I manage to get myself 2 tickets with student price for "Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End" showing on 24th of May, while my sis and Nick were shopping for cooking ingredients in Jusco. I've bought this very sweet, cherry tomatoes, it's oval shaped with a pointed blossom end in a beautiful reddish-pink color. Yummy =D~ it would be the most suitable "snack" for those who feel like chewing or bitting things whenever they feel like, including myself. The beneficial tomatoes are not fattening at all, they are even good for digestion and cosmetology downsizing.


  1. ei! this kind of tomato really tastes nice! I always like to buy this type and just eat it wihout need to cook! Yum yum and its healthy :D but its expensive -__-"

  2. Aah I love these tomatoes. Good for preventing pimples! My brother took it constantly last time and his pimples gone down!! Really good!

  3. Babyfiona: Hehe yeah, but normally da fruit stall juz selling RM1 per pack rite?... in penang only maybe

    Nastasshea: Really? I didn't know that keke. Thx 4 sharing ^^v

  4. baby tomato.. mm.. healthy n tasty!


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