Thursday, May 10, 2007

Augustana - Boston

I'm so in love with this song when I first heard of it randomly played on my yahoo messenger's Music LAUNCHcast few weeks ago...

Mellow piano rockers Augustana are a heartland equivalent to Coldplay or Keane, with a little bit of mid-'90s adult alternative throwback (think Counting Crows or the Wallflowers) as well. The band formed in Greenville, IL, in 2002, while singer and keyboardist Dan Layus and guitarist Josiah Rosen were attending a small evangelical college there. The original lineup of the band was completed by bassist Simeon Lohrmann, second keyboardist David Lamoureaux, and drummer Kyle Baker. Read more

I happened to find the guitar version on this song which is sang by a France girl, Mischaaa. I like her style and vocal which is similar to Michelle Branch's =D

Check out this cool piano version posted by a 21 year-old Singaporean, tachifeely. His friend has a great singing but I don't know what happened to the last line, LoL. Did he do that on purpose or what? =.="

Disclaimer: All the videos above are solely for sharing and promotional purpose. Please support original!

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