Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Not Superman, Not Batman, It's Spiderman!!!

Aww, full house for all the Spiderman 3 shows today >.<" What about tomorrow? Don't tell me it's gonna be full house again! Someone please stop the Spiderman FEVER !!!~

Hehe, u guys must be wondering why did I put such a title for this post rite? LoL, the story goes like this... when I was in my boi's car just now, I asked him to bring me out for a movie. At first, I said Superman 3, my boi acted so blur at that time. Then after another short while, I mentioned Batman 3 and this time we both laughed out loudly. I must have caught the stupid Spiderman Fever xD

Running out of food to eat in Queensbay Mall....

*Sigh* I, myself can't even finish up a Kodomo Bento Set. Reason why? Cause my boi's having bad sore throat, so he wasn't able to help me on this. Do you realize that there is a big portion of guys who get fat right after they started to have girlfriends? Well, I guess the main reason is... the girlfriends always feed 1/2 of their food to the boyfriends instead of eating them by themselves, agree or not? That's one of the reason why my boi looks like he's "pregnant" now. Omg, I feel so guilty =x

Central Park

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