Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shrek The 3rd

When the grumpy green ogre married Princess Fiona, the last thing he wanted was to become the king of Far Far Away. But when King Harold suddenly croaks, that is exactly what poor Shrek finds himself facing. Hilarious antics ensue when Shrek, accompanied by his sidekicks Donkey and Puss in Boots go on a desperate mission to pass on the responsibility to Fiona's cousin - the mischievous Medieval high school slacker Artie

(Source: United International Pictures (Sdn)

Ho, ho, ho... I'm going for Shrek the 3rd !!!~ Hehe, I can't wait to watch that funny little Donkey and the innocent Puss in Boots who's totally not innocent at all =P Aww, he is just too cute >.<" Alrighty, I gotta prepare myself now, those who's going to Gurney Plaza and feel like having meal in KimGary today, just sms or give me a call so that we could meet up to pass the vouchers to you!~ Have a nice day everybody =D Will share more info with you tonight...

Warning: DO NOT prank call me for nothing, else you gonna get your @SS kicked. LoL, just declare your identity is enough =x


  1. haiz. i only can watch the reprint cd or watch with the internet tv.
    So after u watch tell me how about the movie, haha!

  2. erm y? where's ur current location? not in malaysia? i've ald watched it. It's great & funny as it alwayz is ^^


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