Friday, May 25, 2007

At the End of the World, the Adventure Begins


As written in my previous post, I've already bought this movie tickets at 2 days ago cause I was affraid that it might turn out to be like the showing of Spiderman 3. But from what I can see, Pirates of the Caribbean ain't as "hot" as Spiderman 3, huh? What do u think? IMHO, I think that we can't actually compare both of the movies as they are totally different? Most important thing is that I did enjoy watching them.

After I watched the ending of this movie, there's something appeared on my mind. I asked myself, "Can I accept the truth of seeing my love one only once in every 10 years?" It would be impossible to me, it sounds sweet and romantic but how many girls or guys in this realistic world willing to do that? I told my boi that I'm gonna dig my heart out and keep safely in Davy Jones' Locker together with my boi's heart, LoL! Read more on the official website...

The DRAGON-i (笼的传人) Restraurant is officially opened in 2nd floor of Queenbay Mall today. They are specializing in flavors from the regions of China such as Canton, Szechuan and Shanghai especially their "La Mian (拉面) " and "Xiao Long Bao (小笼包) ". My boi and I wanted to have a try on their dishes so desparately but the restaurant wasn't available for us since they were having some kind of internal events among the staffs.


  1. It's 10 years lar. Only every 10 years can he go onto land to be with his loved one, but only until sunset. How disappointing for his wife. In the show the love remained the same, but in real life, things would not be the same. If only 1-2 years of temporary separation, there are already affairs happening. What would happen if it's 10 years? For me, I just wish everyone's love life would be just like the movie, so romantic. :)

  2. =_=" sorry typo. Juz corrected it. Thx =X Romantic things juz happen in movies but not in real life...sigh...


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