Friday, May 11, 2007

Roller Blades

Hehe, these 2 photos were captured in Jusco, Queensbay Mall using our new Sony T100. Thanks my boi for the nice shots and also for the new roller blades *huggiez* *muackz* Wee, I can learn roller blading now! Frankly speaking, I'm actually a fan of X-Game.

What x-games in your mind? Skateboarding? Wakeboarding? Surfing? What else?
Actually, x-game means extreme sports or action sports, apart from the above three sports, others like Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, BMX, Paragliding, Sky Diving, Mountain Bike are also classified as x-games. X-games emphasis more on an individual capability, style and limitations, these are essential for x-gamers to perform all the anti-gravity tricks. Working on extreme sports needs one passion, courage, and has to practice frequently, so as to perform their personal best tricks, to accomplish their goals. Today, X Game acts as trendsetter of the action sports, organizing events and demos to bring the culture and lifestyle concept into people life besides creating fashion with Character, Attitude and Identity. Read More

Yay, I really did watch "Next" this afternoon at 2.20, not feeling disappointed at all after watching it. Another action movie which made me laugh and shed my tears. I feel like I'm a "Touching Detector" which can be used to rate whether a movie is touching enough, LoL. The storyline goes back and forth, back and forth... as it's about seeing Nicholas Cage's future 2 minutes ahead but miracles do happen when your least expected. Things started to change when he met his "future girlfriend"...


  1. i dunnoe how to blade buti tried paragliding b4, it was COOL!!!

  2. hehe, yeah... ima start learnin' it ^^v hopefully won't fall down like "tai fan shu" >.<"


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