Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My 1st Yogarobic Class

After so long, finally I get to watch movie with my boi this afternoon. What movie? It's Sunshine of course ^^ Hehe, wanna know who dies or who survives at the end of the movie? Ask me Go watch it yourself then you'll know, LoL. I can't tell much details of the movie cause I really don't wanna be cursed for being a spoiler here >.<"

This evening after I had my dinner, I attended my first yogarobic (yoga + aerobic) class with my sis and nick at 6.30. It's at the 2nd floor of Sunshine Hyper Market in Greenlane. A very impressive class I must say @_@ the workout makes every single cell in my body feels extremely ache and my legs are still shaking right now. Just image a person who seldom do exercise but all in a sudden did such a "slow" exercise for the very first time. How pityful could that be...

Now with only RM50 monthly (promotion price), you get to attend unlimited various kinda fitness classes + gym whenever you want, sounds good isn't it? Trust me, if your able to attend this class at least 2-3 days a week (an hour each time) you can obviously see the result of it =D No kidding! I was a bit late for the class, that's why you can't see any photo here. Hehe, I don't even know what's da name of the class instructor. Will post up more details next time if there's somebody who's interested.


  1. yoga is superb!!!
    i heard it helps to contour ur body if u practise long enuff.

  2. Hehe yeah... but now i got a bad muscle-ache >.<"

  3. How the sunshine? nice or Not? My hubby wanted to go and watch but me a little bit reluctant. Dont know nice or not the movie

  4. babyfiona: da movie is interesting, really worth watching. ^^ enjoy watching it with ur hubby =D

  5. My uncle has asked me to join him with Yoga. Says i will loose weight eventually and become very supple as well.

  6. Hi raasen, thx 4 dropping by ^^ hehe, so are u attending da yoga class now? =D


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