Friday, May 11, 2007

The Journey Begins Here

This afternoon, my boi suddenly feel like raiding our dearest "bad lucker>" who's under the spell of The Mighty KDM *roflol*

Do you think the foreigners who visit Penang will understand such road sign?

Not 50 cent but 30 cent! It's Lok Lok that I'm talking about =D

Having drinks with 2 uncles before we started our "Lok Lok Ceremony"

It was 4 something when we reached there, nothing much left, no more "Hae Kor" for me *sob sob*

Where's the uncle and auntie who sell "Lou Han Guo" here?

KP brought us to a cake house which is selling all kind of Pandan cakes *droolz*

Omg, it's so soft and smells so great ^^v

Different variety of cakes made with "Cai En"

Woah, I can't wait to have a bite on them >.<"

CYY (cHrIstInA_YY) House Raiders

LoL, jus fooling round when we reached KP's house. I said, "MTV Room Raiders is here!"

Captured this shot when we were playing cards in the victim's room =P

Finally found this mini fanner in Butterworth ~.~ *sigh* How many streets that we have walked just to find this back in my hometown before we leave for Perhentian Island Trip =x Actually not many streets there cause my hometown is very small *blushes*

My boi captured me when we were busy fixing my Blogspot html codes. Thanks a lot KP!!! I didn't owe u anything but just 10 cent =P

I didn't notice that sotong KP also wearing yellow today >.<" Hey, your Mozilla Firefox web browser sux !!! *whistling... run for your life*

The Results of Raiding

This guy with orange hair, Ichigo is really cute ^^ why most of the guys are into him as well? *swt*

The 2 silly guys watching Bleach while I was busy snap-shotting T_T

Bak Kut Teh

Yay, dinner time has come! This is the place that we always have our dinner at.

I was waiting for KP's good neighbour to reply me but he missed the golden opportunity to have Bak Kut Teh with us. Hehe, thanks 4 your sms though =)

Why 3 but not 3-in-1? Lolz cuz it costs RM5 for each person whether you order it separately or just all in 1 to share. The greedy us have made the right choice but the fact is... we've reached to the fullest and I can't even take 50% of my mine *grinz*


  1. Hmm... the missing one was taken at Jalan Raja Uda? I miss the lou han kuo there.

  2. Jalan Raja Uda in... ? I'm not so sure but this is wat Chee Hsien wrote:

    "Huuaahhh... the lok lok beside kwang hwa primary school... Huuahh.. the shop near my house... Huuahhh.. the bah kut teh at chai leng park..."

  3. Yes it is.. The road is called Jalan Raja Uda..

  4. Lolz, thx Chee Hsien 4 givin' me a hand on this "tough" question.


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