Friday, May 25, 2007

Penang Blogger's BBQ Party

Attention to all the Penang bloggers / readers,

Dragon Head is currently planning a BBQ beach party for all Penang Bloggers. Since the bloggers meeting held during this year's Chinese New Year doesn't seem to have much activities, here came a macho man who identifies himself as Dragon Head come to the rescue and plan a BBQ!


Organizer : Dragon Head
Date : 1st June 2007
Time : At Night (Not sure about the time)
Venue : Miami Beach (In Batu Ferringhi)
Things to bring : Clothes (They might throw you into the salt water)

To be exact, the BBQ beach party NOT only limited for Penang bloggers, you're even allowed to invite your friends / buddies to come along with you. If you're "hardcore" enough to travel from other state / country all the way to Penang Island, you're even welcomed to join. BUT do remember, nobody's paying your flight tickets / hotel / expenses and etc =x According to Chee Hsien, as long as you're as funky as a monkey, then you're welcome to join. I'm just helping the organizer to promote this event, you can approach Dragon Head directly for further details or enquiry. I'm sure he would be willing to clear your doubts.

For those who are interested to take part, please kindly leave a comment together with your name, blog URL and also suggestion on where you want it to be held, the beach or the park? If the attendees happen to be less than 10 person, then the event will be cancelled. One thing for sure, there's no age limits! So make the event happen by spreading this event around now!

Attendance :

1. Dragon Head
2. Chee Hsien
3. Lasker
4. Elise

Hehe, I'm still considering and will discuss with my boi tomorrow =D


  1. Oh man I'm not in Penang! Grrr!!

  2. Hmmm...planning the BBQ with halal food or not? If not, I would rather have it at a restaurant, maybe BBQ Steamboat, where there won't be much hassle in the food planning. After all, the organizer should be stress free for taking the initiative to plan the BBQ. :)

  3. Nastasshea: >.<" too bad.

    Criz Lai: Should be halal i think. Don't u think that having BBQ steamboat in a restaurant is a bit bored? =.=" it's like wat we all have been doin' once in a few weeks. Anyway, thx 4 ur suggestion ^^ I'll pass ur idea 2 da organizer.


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