Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm Back

Hi y'all, *huggiez* I'm back...with a swimming suit mark on my body!!! I look so "dirty" now lolz... feel weird with chocolate skin xD

Hehe, I really missed y'all so much muackz ^^v can't wait 2 share all those pretty pix with y'all but now da hardcopies are in my hometown & da digital cam is with my sis *sob sob* So, no pix sharin' atm... but I promise will upload 'em ASAP when I get 'em, k?

Thank to those who visited / dropped a line in my webbie *huggiez* Here's da replies from my shoutbox:

kp: =P didn't get 2 see u in my dreamz lolz.

minny: hehe, there's a slightly change of departure time. It was 5 a.m. So bad that I didn't get 2 contact u when I was there =(

Daniel: we juz happen 2 go there on da same day. =P

babyfiona: =D *huggiez* don't sob, faster make reservation ^^ still able 2 see turtle @ this time.

mixterr: hi there, thx 4 visiting.

Dragon Head: Hihi 2 u =D

Zee: thx *huggiez* I really enjoyed it so much.

Itchy: thank u so much. I'm so in luv with snorkling now muahaha.

Chee Hsien: No worries. I'm back safely now.

Guest: my sista? mind 2 lemme know who u r?

patchay: it's "redang season" now!!!~

JaNeSsA95: Hey there. Yeah I do play JX2 but has stopped for quite a while, stuck in lv 58 =X Sure u can get 2 know me ^^ nice meetin' u gurl.

Aaron: Lolz, too bored?

Evie: Helloo... go go gurl!~

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