Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sea World: Shark Bay (Par I)

Shark Bay

Shark Bay is the world's largest man-made lagoon system for sharks and houses some of the most awe-inspiring of the species in an innovative exhibit.

Shark Bay: Orange Starfish

Shark Bay comprises of three main zones all allowing for unsurpassed viewing and interaction, including a touch pool, a snorkel and dive lagoon and a shark lagoon housing the world's most feared sharks.

Shark Bay: Red Starfish

The two-level exhibit provides spectacular viewing for visitors both above-water as well as underwater through three 10 x 3 metre windows, allowing them to come face to face with the large sharks, stingrays and a range of exotic tropical fish.


The starfishes can be found in many difference colors such as orange, red, blue, yellow and more.

Shark Bay: What am I?

Each of them has its own unique shape and colors.

Shark Bay: Starfish

Does it look familiar to you? It's similar to the one we saw in Redang Island, but the spots are slightly smaller.

Shark Bay: Spycam Alerted

I was so busy snapping photos until I didn't even notice that Nigel has actually took a silly photo of mine.

Shark Bay: Sea Cactus?

Is this some kind of sea cactus or what? Please help me to identify the "unknown object".

Shark Bay: Sea Cucumber

The size and the shape of these sea cucumbers are vary from those we had seen before.

Shark Bay: Yellow Sea Cucumber

If I'm not mistaken, it should be another type of yellow sea cucumber.


Oh wow, there were too many fishes there! I can hardly capture every single one of them...


Unidentified yellow colored tropical fishes.

Shark Bay: Deadly Stingray

The stingray was so close to us that it can be reached easily by using our hands.

Shark Bay: Small Fishes

Another group of tropical fish...

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mommy and all the moms in this world! I will always love you and miss you no matter where I am.


  1. Wah, so many sea creatures there! The starfish is nice, and the blue sea cucumber!!!

  2. akira 思胜:

    Yeah, too many see creatures to be captured!!! Stay tuned for the second part =D

  3. What necessary words... super, a remarkable idea


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