Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sea World : Captain Cook's Endeavour

Sea World : Interactions

Just next to Captain Cook's Endeavour (the pirate ship), there is a pool where you get to play with those lovely dolphins. But of course, you'd have to pay for it and the price is not cheap though.

Sea World: Come & Play With Me

The dolphins had been tame and very friendly to human beings.

Sea World : The Follower

Sea World : Mary-Go-Around

The dolphin goes round and round in a circle, as it was dancing in front of the audiences.

Sea World : Gimme A Sign

They are often regarded as one of Earth's most intelligent animals.

Sea World : Captain Christina

Sea World : Best Friends

Treat them as your best friends, and they would treat you as theirs too.

Sea World : Lovely Dolphins

Sea World : Prepare To Fire

Sea World : Up Close & Personal

These two dolphins are so cute and adorable, how I wish I could keep one for myself...

Sea World : Together We are

Their seemingly playful attitude have made them popular among the tourists.


  1. dolphins is a friendly water animal :) nice i like this picture :)

  2. In my dream, I wish to have dolphins in my house... hehe...

  3. this dolphin always have a smiling face...

  4. e-tavasi:
    Thanks, and that's so true about dolphins.

    akira 思胜:
    Haha, in your swimming pool? or in a display aquarium in the living room area?

    Yup, I can't help falling in love when looking at them =x

  5. haha, i wish i got both too... hahaha... dont know can or not... haha...


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