Monday, May 19, 2008

Australia Zoo: Wombats and Kangaroos

Ladies and gentlemen, lets get rid of everything in Sea World and take a deep breath with me now. It's time for us to travel all the way from Gold Coast to the Australia Zoo - Home of The Crocodile Hunter which is located in Sunshine Coast. It was 2 weeks ago, on Saturday 10/05/08, when my university organized a trip to this place.

Australia Zoo: Wombat's Picnic Time

These are the common wombats found in Australia.


Wombats have very short muscular legs and are the closest relative to the Koalas. Amazingly, they have a pouch which faces backwards, so when they're nursing their babies in the pouch, they can still dig burrows without filling the pouch with soil.

Australia Zoo: Wombat

I love the fluffy Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat, isn't it cute? My boi has bought a wombat soft toy for me too!

Australia Zoo: Wombat In Display Window

By the way, we spotted a big fat wombat sleeping so soundly in the display window. Hmph, I felt like doing something "evil" to touching its backside...

Australia Zoo: Roo Heaven

Welcome to Roo Heaven!

Australia Zoo: Echidnas

Echidna (Spiny Anteater) is a mammal that lays eggs, together with the platypus.

Australia Zoo: Echidnas

Their diet consists largely of ants and termites.

Australia Zoo:

Kangaroos / Wallabies have good eyesight and excellent hearing and they use their large ears to pick up even the slightest sounds. The one lying in front of me is just a little joey (baby kangaroo).

Australia Zoo: Red Kangaroo

Aww, take a look at this one! It seems like the boomer really enjoyed being spoilt by me.

P.S. Happy Wesak Day to my dearest family, my friends and all the Malaysians out there! I just wanna let my family know that I really miss them so much. There were nights when I kept on having nightmares, dreaming of something bad happened to my closed ones. I'll pray hard for them to stay safe, happy, and healthy always.


  1. Wah, the timing is so accurate for me... hehe... I'm the 1st to be here!!!

    Hi, how ya there?

    I wish to be there also, I wanna see the real kangaroos!!!

  2. wombat being poison dialogue sound funny, and they even look cute to me ya ^^

  3. akira 思胜:
    Hi Akira, congratz on being the 1st commenter! I'm doing great here, thank you. How ya going there? Don't worry, you'll find the chance to get here someday ^_-

    Thanks, Happy Wesak Day to you too! *huggiez*

    Haha, yup. I like hairy and fluffy animals too, such as wombat and koala =D


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