Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook - The Winner of American Idol Season 7


David Cook shines on the stage and he definitely rocked American Idol!


David Cook was declared the winner of American Idol season 7 on Wednesday, May 21st. The 25-year-old rocker from Blue Springs, Missouri has received 57 percent of the 97.5 million audience votes cast by phone and text, easily defeating the 17-year-old balladeer (David Archuleta) from Murray, Utah. Here is the video of David Cook singing the "Time Of My Life" with tears streaming down his face. The winning song will also be released as David's first and brand-new promo single of 2008.

I knew he would win this game, thanks for not letting us down, David! You rock my world...

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  1. Hi christina~ THx for dropping by! I just watched the finale and yea, his voice is just gorgeous!!

  2. that's what i said! Go baby go baby~
    Your voice really melted my heart. Well Done!

  3. whoa u're fasst.hahahaha.i just heard from my fren about his victory.

  4. Congrats, congrats!

    Firstly i tot it was David Archuleta gonna win the American Idol, feel pity to him.

  5. sings like a bird.

    btw i've got a friday tag for you .. have a good weekend.

  6. Congrats to David! Cook! hehe...
    I love his voice too!

  7. Both David performed very well. But i like David Cook more~ keke~ Looks mature, handsom~ haha~ and his voice is fantastic~

  8. limzhi:
    Hi limzhi, thank you for coming too!

    Haha,the idol dazzled me with his sexy voice.

    LoL, yep! Must always stand by to watch the most awaited moment of your idol, right?

    Aww, you don't have to feel pity for him as there are many other record companies wanna sign him up so eagerly.

    constance chan:
    Thanks for the tag, constance. I'll put it on my to-do list =D

    akira 死胜:
    Indeed, I was so happy and excited at the moment he was announced the winner of American Idol 7.

    I felt the same but David Cook's performances were more stunning and full of surprises.


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