Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sea World: Dugongs Discovery (美人鱼)

In my previous few posts, I had brought you a series of marvelous attractions in Gold Coast's Sea World, such as the Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show (Part I & Part II), Shark Bay (Part I & Part II), Penguin Point, Polar Bear Shore, as well as many other random photos taken in the theme park.

This time around, I'm gonna give you a sneak peek at the legendary Dugong (English) / 美人鱼 (Chinese) / Duyung (Malay), which is also known as "sea cow", "sea pig" or "sea camel". Dugong is the only strictly-marine herbivorous mammal, and the majority of these large marine mammals live in the northern waters of Australia between Shark Bay and Moreton Bay. Today, you're lucky enough to "witness" them right in front of you naked eyes!

Sea World: Dugong is So Cute

The photos are barely clear, due to the scattering in turbid water. We only get to see them through a large 11 metres x 2.4 metres underwater viewing window of the Oceanarium.

Sea World: Stop Starring

Dugong is not as active as Sea Lion, Penguin, and Dolphin.


We were there watching and waiting for the second dugong to appear and finally...

Sea World: Dugong Discovery

We only spent a short while visiting the "Dugong Discovery" before we head off to the next destination. FYI, the theme park is closing at 5 p.m. on weekdays, so we have to make a full use of every single minute left.

Sea World: Cable Car

There were 11 of us, divided into 3 groups...

Sea World: Bermuda Triangle

From top, we get to see the fascinating view of the Bermuda Triangle, the ride we had in the volcanoes was awesome and full of excitements!

Sea World: Rollercoaster Trail

This is the best view of the Corkscrew Rollercoaster trail. Man, I love the 360-degree loop! Check out the further details on rollercoaster trails.

Sea World: Dockside Tavern

Right in front of the Dockside Tavern, there are several huge pools, which are meant for Dolphin nursery. Just imagine, the first thing you saw when you open up your eyes is nothing else but Dolphins!!!

Sea World: The

The open-air food court area looks beautiful under the sunset.

Sea World: A Car-Boat

What is a car-boat? A car-boat is a car that can drive on water! How amazing could it be?! We even saw a bus-boat full of passengers, driving on the busy road.

Sea World: Saying Goodbye

Aww, it's time to say goodbye to Sea World...


C'mon people, lets take one last shot together at the entrance!


On the way going to Conrad Jupiters Casino, Benny decided to stop by at Surfers Paradise to catch some fresh air. As the name says, the long, glistening white, soft sandy beach really made us feel like being in a paradise. We had our late dinner at New Way Karaoke in Sunnybank, Brisbane and that was when a one day trip to Gold Coast came to a full-stop.


  1. Dugong, the legendary mermaid... I like the sceneries you took! It is simply elegant for me!

  2. can people dive inside and have a nearer look at those dugong?

  3. wow, once i tought i can only find dugong in sabah.... haha, i m wrong.

    your blog template looks nice in my computer (1024x768 resolution, view in IE7), why say kinda messed up?

  4. akira 思胜:
    Thanks, Akira! I love these photos too, the result turns out to be better than I thought...

    choyyin forever:
    Hehe, not really =x we can only see them through the viewing window.

    o.O I didn't know we have dugongs back in Malaysia... haha!
    I messed up with the code actually, LoL =P

  5. somewhere in singapore:

    *cuddle* no worries, I love sharing interesting stuff with others =D


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