Monday, May 26, 2008

Alex's 23rd Birthday Celebration

Pizza Hut: Corner of Ruthven Street and Stenner Street

It was around quarter to 5 when we reached the final destination — Pizza Hut. As we entered the front door, the atmosphere was really quiet, and we merely saw any customers in there. Then, I approached the counter person (a very unfriendly female staff), and asked if the "dine-in" area is available at the moment. Although, I can't quite remember what she said, but my interpretation was that the "dine-in" area is closing at 5 p.m. (which is what I though I heard). I wanted to confirm whether my understanding is correct or not, but her "I-despise-you-Asians" attitude simply made me don't feel like talking to her again.

KFC: Family Feast

So, we decided to change our dinner location to KFC, which is just on the left of Pizza Hut. In KFC, there were many people queuing up at the counters, waiting for their turns to place orders. We ordered a KFC's Family Feast which includes 10 pieces of freshly prepared Spicy Recipe Chicken, a large chips, a large Potato & Gravy, a large Coleslaw and a 1.25L drink.

Stenner Street: In The Late Evening

Before we pick up the "More 4 All" pizza, three of us slowly walked to Woolworth (right behind K-Mart), since there was still 30 minutes to go. That time was almost 6 in the late evening, the sky and the streets were getting darker and colder. We happened to stop by Baskin Robbins to grab some ice-cream on the way back home.

Pizza Hut: More 4 All

Four of the chosen toppings were Cheese Lovers, Classic Chicken & Bacon, Classic Hawaiian, and Hot 'n Spicy Lovers. Each of us can only managed to have two slices of pizza.

Pizza Hut: Traditional Chicken Wings

The chicken wings are deep fried instead of being roasted.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Thanks Alex and his mom for the wonderful birthday cake.

My Favorite Cherries

The chocolate cake has a lot of red cherries on top of it and it's delicious as well.

Happy Birthday

That was how 2 guys and a girl had a simple yet memorable birthday celebration together.


Once again, Happy 23rd Birthday to Alex!


  1. Sigh.. kena cheat d.. tot u said don't want post the photo me cutting cake..

    anyway thx for wishing akira and somewhere in sg.


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