Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sea World: Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show (Part II)

As promised in my last post, here comes the second part of the Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show. There were more than 40 shots taken throughout the performance of these sea lions. If I were to have a video camera or longer battery life, I would've made a recording and bring it "live" to you just the way it's supposed to be. As for now, the best I can do is to create 4 separate animations (GIFs) for you. Have fun watching the show!

Synopsis: ‘Big Al Baloney’ rules the wharf and operates his fish store ‘Alota Baloney’ making big profits by depleting the harbours fish supply. The time has come for ‘Detective Sam Sweetlip’ and his dedicated team of crime fighting sea lions to band together to bring ‘Baloney’ to justice and save the fish in the harbour.

*Note: Please watch the animated GIF one by one to avoid dizziness.

Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show (Part I)

Part #1


Part #2


Part #3


Part #4


  1. wah..the animated gif really see until i 眼花 O_O

  2. Oops, my bad =x gonna update the animated gif once I come back from the Crocodile Hunter's Zoo, thanks for telling! *cheers*

  3. yaya... a bit 眼花 (@.@)
    I like crocodile hunter's show. waiting d post...

  4. haha, not bad, the police costume is kinda funny...

  5. og@wa:
    So sorry about the animated GIF. The Australia Zoo's post will only be posted once I finish posting the Sea World's photos ^^v please bare with me a little while more...

    akira 思胜:
    Yup, and the sea lions are pretty intelligent too =)


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