Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Celebration: Live Lobsters & Abalones

Mother's Day Celebration: Giant Lobster

In the late evening, when my boi and I were about to prepare wantons for our dinner, I received a call from Benny asking us to meet them up for Mother's Day celebration at Bamboo's tonight.

Mother's Day Celebration: Dare U To Kill Me

As last Sunday, I made a called to Olivia, reminding her to pick us up later at 8.30 p.m.


Everyone was busy cam-whoring with the giant live lobsters and abalone in the kitchen.

Mother's Day Celebration: The Lobster Are So Heavy

Then again, we did not let go of the chance to play with these "extraordinary" sea creatures.

Mother's Day Celebration: Lobsters Slaughtering

1, 2, 3, 4, 5... There were a total of 5 giant live lobsters lining all in front of us.

Mother's Day Celebration: The Serial Killer

Now, it's time for the most awaited moment, lobster slaughtering!!!

Mother's Day Celebration: OMG, Lobster's Head!!!

We were there watching the head of the lobsters to be chopped off one by one. I know that it sounds very cruel, but all of us did enjoy watching the "live broadcasting" there. Although, their bodies and heads were separated, but still they were able to move around.

Mother's Day Celebration: Fresh Lobster Meat

Take a look at the fresh lobster meat, but please hold your saliva while looking at it.

Mother's Day Celebration: Deep Fried Lobsters

The Lobster pieces were then to be deep fried until golden brown.

Mother's Day Celebration: Giant Abalone (Inner)

The size of this giant abalone is larger than my boi's palm, as you may see in the 4th photo.


That is how the outer part of the abalone look like, exactly like a seashell.

Mother's Day Celebration: Uncooked Small Abalones

These are the uncooked baby abalones...

Mother's Day Celebration: Giant Abalone Slices

The giant abalone was cut equally into thin slices before they are cooked.

P.S. If you wish to "taste" the seafood dishes with your own eyes, please stay tuned for the upcoming post! Happy Mother's Day once again!


  1. i love lobsters! In salad, thermidor, all sorts...yummy yummy

    super duper giant lobster and abalone!! Super duper tempting also ^^

    Happy Mother's Day to you too~~

  3. I want to eat the lobster too!!! Dont forget the abalone also!!!

    Happy Belated Mother's Day to you ya~~~

  4. give me some of that lobster sashimi!!!!!!

  5. OHS MYS GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. why fooooddd again!!! hahaha

  7. do you do that to all your food? lol anyway, nice blogs! can i link?

  8. constance chan:
    Haha, me too! and guess what? It was my first time tasting "real" lobsters =D

    beverly's secret:
    Hi girl, thanks for your warm wishing *cuddle*

    Akira 思胜:
    Thank u, but there's nothing left for u though =P

    Haha, ain't no sashimi but just typical Chinese-style Stir Fried Lobsters with Noodle =D

    LoL, they're so huge, aren't they? =D

    I don't know, but I guess everyone is posting about food on their Mother's Day celebrations. Hehe...

    What you mean? U mean playing around with the live creatures? Not really, but that was such a rare occasion where I get to "cam-whore" with live giant lobsters and abalones. Thanks for your kind visit and comment! Feel free to link me up at anytime, thank u!

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