Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sea World: The Entrance

Seaworld: The Entrance

Hey peeps, I'm back from Gold Coast. The trip to Sea World was simply fabulous! It was around 8.30 in the morning when we left Benny's house, and there were 11 of us taking 2 separate cars.

Seaworld: The Building

After 2 hours of driving, we finally reached the destination.

Seaworld: I feel Good

Everyone was so excited and amazed by the breath-taking views.

Seaworld: Cable Car Station

We did not take cable car at the very first place but walking around in a group.

Seaworld: Pirate Ship

The pirate ship is so huge and beautiful.

Seaworld: The Cable Cars

Each cable car has 4 cabins, and each cabin is able to carry 4 peoples at one time.

Seaworld: Water Skiing

A sexy lady was water skiing on the man-made lake.

Seaworld: Say Cheese

It was a nice sunny day with cooling breeze.

Seaworld: The Bird Family

There were Great Cormorant, pelicans, and many others birds...

Seaworld: Mr. Pelican

That was the largest pelican I ever seen!

Seaworld: Loggerhead Turtle

Wow, the Loggerhead Turtle is like a giant monster... These marine turtles are bottom dwelling predators eating molluscs, crustaceans, jellyfish, and squid. They are distinguished by their very large head and red-brown color. The sea creatures are currently endangered in Australian waters, mainly due to human impact.

Seaworld: My Big Bro

Stay tuned for the upcoming post, you'll get to see the great performance by my big bros - the sea lions!!! I know, I've gained some weight recently but please don't tell me that I look "chubby" in the photos >.<"


  1. the place soooooOOOO summer feel!
    I wan go also >.<
    and ur looks also healthy+sport feel!
    simple and nice ^^

  2. Aiya, missed the chance to get sofa!!! hahaha....

    Thanks for sharing, 1st time saw this kind of park, haha... Summer feeling is spreading all around the park...

  3. kyo:
    Yeah, but it's almost the end of autumn here. Thanks for your kind words!

    *cuddle* Hehe, thanks for being understanding =D

    akira 思胜:
    o.O first time? Earlier this year, I've written several posts about Dreamworld.

  4. Oh, then I should go to see them later... hehe...


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