Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Celebration: One Big Family

Even though, I'm far, far way from my family back in Malaysia. Still, I could feel the warmest Mother's Day celebration here with my dearest colleagues, Benny and his family. They have been kind and helpful to me all the time. I'm grateful to be part of the team, million thanks to Benny, Sally, and everyone who attended the gathering!

Mother's Day Celebration: Stir-Fry Abalone with Mushroom & Celery

Dish #1 Stir-fry Abalone with Chinese Mushroom and Celery.

Lobsters, Baby!

Dish #2 Stir-fry Lobsters with Noodle.

Mother's Day Celebration: BBQ Roasted Duck

Dish #3 BBQ Roasted Duck, specially prepared for Alecson.

Mother's Day Celebration: Pork Legs

Dish #4 Pork Legs. I don't like to eat pork legs at all >.<"

Small Abalones with Ginger & Shallot

Dish #5 Baby Abalones with Ginger and Shallot.

Mother's Day Celebration: Yum Seng

Alcohol is one of the "must-have" on such occasion!

Mother's Day Celebration: Happy Family

Wow, we're one big happy family!

Front (left to right) : Jim and his GF, Sherry, Vicky, Cloe, Oliva, Me, and Jojo.
Back (left to right) : Ni Ni, Sally, Alexson, Benny, Nigel, Wei Bin, Leon, My Boi, and David.

Mother's Day Celebration: My Boi

My boi was having a camera talk with Nigel while we were busying in the kitchen.

Mother's Day Celebration: Oliva & NiNi

Sadly, Oliva and Leon will be leaving us back to their home-country very soon. It was such a great experience working with the couple, ever since I join this big and friendly family. Here, I'd like to thank them sincerely after everything we had been through together. We'll definitely miss you, and will be keeping you in prayer everyday. Wish you have a safe and wonderful journey to China!

P.S. The second part of Sea World: Shark Bay will be coming up soon, so please bare with me a little while more. Thank you!

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  1. walau eh, made us hungry lar u... i wan the lobster, very desperately!!! hehe...


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