Sunday, May 25, 2008

Toowoomba: Kearney Springs Historical Park

As mentioned in my previous post, today is the 23rd birthday of my ex-collegemate aka housemate, Alex. Together with the birthday boy, we had a walk to this branch of Pizza Hut located on the corner of Ruthven Street and Stenner Street. Along the way to the final destination, I spent my time snapping photos, while the two of them were having an interesting talk about the cheesy Singapore comedy — Ah Long Ptd Ltd 《老师嫁老大》. My boi has watched it twice, and nearly memorize most of the funny lines.

Kearney Springs Historical Park: Spring Street

Kearney Springs Historical Park: Beautiful Lake View

Kearney Springs Historical Park: Wild Life

Kearney Springs Historical Park: New Hairstyle

Kearney Springs Historical Park: Butterfly Effect

Kearney Springs Historical Park: Outstanding



P.S. Interested in knowing what happened next? Please come back again, in order to satisfy your curiosity! *commercial break*


  1. Wow, nice photos here!!! I like the photo especially the last one, the tree is so nice!

  2. akira 思胜:
    Yep, I like those red colored leaves and trees in Autumn.

    somewhere in singapore:
    LoL, nope. It'd be a "miracle" if the movie shows in Aussie. I got the "free" version from my friend.


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