Monday, May 5, 2008

Gathering: Seafood Dinner

By the time you get to read this, we're probably halfway reaching Sea World, one of the best theme parks in Gold Coast, Australia. By the way, it would be my first time trying out the latest feature of called "Scheduled Post Publishing". I had thought of suggesting such an idea to them earlier last year, but somehow they already released the new feature in April of this year.

Gathering Dinner

Last night, when we were having our dinner at home, I received an unexpected call from Nigel telling me that both my boi and I were invited to a "sudden gathering dinner" at Bamboo's. As soon as we get there, the dinner was already prepared and ready to eat. It was our biggest gathering dinner so far and the dishes were awesomely delicious. Thanks, Benny and everyone!

Gathering Dinner: Yum Seng Everyone

Those three peoples sitting in the right corner (red uniforms) are David, Nigel, and Vicky.

Gathering Dinner: Cheesy Oysters

Dish #1. Cheese Baked Oysters

Gathering Dinner: Green Curry Crabs

Dish #2. Green Curry Crabs

Gathering Dinner: Cooked King Prawns

Dish #3. Cooked King Prawns

Gathering Dinner: Midori Melon Liqueur

Midori Melon Liqueur tasted good with lemonade.

Gathering Dinner: I Love Scallops

Dish #4. Stir Fried Scallops

Gathering Dinner: No Idea What It Is

Dish #5. Some-kind-of-meat with Broccoli

Gathering Dinner: Say Yeah

Front (left to right) : Benny's Mother-in-law, the empty seat (Christina was too busy taking photos), Olivia, Leon, Jim, Jim's gf, and David's gf.
Back (left to right) : Ni Ni (Benny's daugther), Benny, Yun Sheng (Benny's son), and Sally (Benny's wife).

P.S. Happy Labor Day to everyone! Enjoy your holiday and have fun!


  1. Wah, seafood dinner here!!! I prefer the Cheese Baked Oysters only, hehe, because I seldom eat crabs and I dont eat prawn... hehe... but I love brocolli!!!

  2. Crabs~ oh the crab looks yummy~ WOW...

  3. akira 思胜:
    Haha, I love crabbies at lot!!! so do broccoli and cauliflower.

    somewhere in singapore:
    Yup, they looked and tasted d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!!

    *high 5* I think both of us have something in common, which is... we both love crabbies very much!~

  4. the time now for me is supper!! but i dont care wat food come to me!!

    HAHAHA, u jz always like to tortue me T.T lolz!!

  5. OMG!! so delish looking~~

    lucky you to have THOSE kind of seafood!!


  6. wah luckily i jz ate only... if not......

  7. i was allergy with crabs b4~ my lips will turn to 2 big sausage after eating. but now ok dy~ Coz my antibody strong enough lo~ ^^~

  8. kyo:
    Hehe, sorry, k? I didn't mean to lure u with those seafood photos =P

    Yeah, I'm so lucky =D We don't get to taste seafood that often here.

    *giggles* if not, you'll fall into my trap again =D

    LoL, just like the one in "赌侠大战拉斯维加斯"? Just kidding! but I feel bad for u...

  9. seafood!my favourite!
    the crab and the scalop look damn delicious,yammyy!
    anyway,what is that Some-kind-of-meat? :P


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