Thursday, May 1, 2008

Filenames Disappeared in Filmstrip / Thumbnails View

Step 1: Now You See it

Have ever had an experience, in which all of the filenames under filmstrip and thumbnails view gone missing or disappeared all in a sudden? You were cracking your head, trying so hard to find out what was going on. Then, you started to think that perhaps your system was infected by some kind of Trojan horse or worm. Oh-My-God, what should I do now? Do I need to re-install or even re-format my hard drive?! The answer is "NO", all you need to do is just follow the instruction below...

Step 3: Now You Don't!
To turn off filenames, hold down the "Shift" key when you click to open a folder in Windows Explorer or when you switch into filmstrip or thumbnails view. This will turn off the filenames, giving more space for the thumbnails. Doing it again turns them back on.
Step 2: Hold Down The "Shift" Key

The same kind of problem happened on my Desktop PC once before, and just last night the "tragedy" repeated on my laptop again while I was busy organizing my photo albums. At first, I felt very annoyed and frustrated, I told myself that I must solve this problem as soon as possible. Hence, I began to search for appropriate solutions over the World Wide Web. At last, I found the solution and solved the problem by myself. It's not a big deal or something, just in case you or the people around you happen to face such problem in the future, you'd know what you should do to turn on the filenames again.


  1. oh tks for the tip.. i'm very bad in pc stuff. so now i know :P

  2. haha~ ya, it happened b4 to my pc, recycle bin~ now only i know is not infected by viruses~ keke~ thx~

  3. Thanks for the tip ya... hehe... next time I will know how to solve this too...

  4. Hello Christina, how are you doing there? I am from Indonesia.

    Nice to see your blog.
    Please visit to my blog.


  5. wa, i also duno got this short cut, after this maybe can sot sot other ppl's computer and say their comp got virus liao..kaka(joke) :)

  6. There are many secrets with the “Shift”, “Ctrl”, and “Alt” key. Let me tell you another secret of “Shift”.

    In Microsoft Excel, after you selecting a range of cells that you want to copy, you hold down the “Shift” and click on “Edit” menu, you will see a hidden menu called “copy picture” appear. From here you are not copying (capturing) the formatting or the value of the cells, but you capture the picture of the cells itself. You have 2 options either capture it as seen on screen or as seen on the printout. Try it yourself and you will know what it is about.

  7. Constance Chan:
    You're most welcome *wink*

    Hehe, so how did u deal with your recycle bin?

    somewhere in singapore:
    Thanks girl! I've linked u up too *cheers*

    akira 思胜:
    No worries, I'm really glad that the tip is useful to u ^^v

    Hi there, thanks for coming all the way from Indonesia *kidding* I'll pay a visit to your blog as soon as I come back from work tonight! See ya around.

    LoL, you're such an evil person =P hehe... sometimes it's fun to play around with others =D

    Yup, I agreed. It's just that we don't have the time to explore every single of it. Thanks a lot for the sharing, I'll try it out when I'm free *cuddle* really appreciate your kindness in explaining all these. Thank u once again!

  8. wat to do~ so stupid until format my pc~ wahahahahahaha~

  9. christina, you give tech talk... 1st time wo... lol

  10. ahhjohn:
    Haha, you should've made use of the search engines! =P

    Hmm, not really the first time. I did write about tech, check out the category: Tech and Gadgets, Web and Application. Although, I'm not good at it but I'm trying my best to share my knowledge with others =D

  11. a good share to all of us in case something like that happen to anyone of us!

    thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow..what a good information to share about..
    Thanks ,will take it as a notes when the same things happen to me or anyone around me..
    Thanks again ^-^

  13. Thanks, it it useful.
    Thank for sharing~

  14. mei wah:
    You're most welcome! As I said in my previous post, "good things are meant to be shared". *winks*

    No problem, sweetie!

    小泽 a.k.a. DSvT:
    Hi Alan, thanks for your visit and comment. I'll check out your blog as soon as I got free time =)


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