Sunday, December 2, 2007

Have Fun with Green Love Bird v1.2

Green Love Bird

Green Love Bird (绿色爱情鸟) is a small program which was created by Sega Enterprises Ltd in year 2006. This cute and attractive bird treats your desktop as its home and start flying here and there. Once in a while, it will sprint down to your desktop taskbar and come up with a small fish in its mouth. Then slowly, it eats up the whole small fish. You can even change the behaviors of this bird by left-clicking (single) on its icon which will always appear on your system tray (once executed).


设置 - Settings
回巢 - Back to Nest (Exit)


鸣叫 - Sound (Humming)
置前 - Always on Top
自由飞翔 - Fly Freely
立正站好 - Stand Still
休息一下 - Take a Rest

If you think that this little birdie is too pity to be alone, then maybe you can consider clicking on its desktop icon for several times. Now, you'll get to see a group of birds flying and humming on your desktop. Sometimes, it happens that one bird bangs with another and the unlucky one will fall down from the sky. Hehe, have fun playing with them!

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