Monday, December 17, 2007

Grab My Ads???


Last week, I've received an e-mail from Grabmyads via my gmail account. It's another new Malaysian blog advertising company which established in mid of November 2007. Due to my curiosity, I get myself sign-ed up and started to explore around. As what I can read from their blog, the company is currently running in the second stage of Beta phase and their new system is coming up soon.

I'm not trying to give any kinda free publicity for Grabmyads, the main purpose is to share the information I get, and let all the bloggers know that there is such blog advertising company exist in Malaysia. Since the company is still new, we can't really tell yet what's gonna happen in the future. So I just wish Grabmyads all the best 'cuz they are actually creating more job opportunities and also the possibility to earn more $$$ more from blogging.


  1. Thanks for your support.
    We sure better than 2 local ads company.

    We new and need time to grow up, keep touching with us..

    Jack from

  2. Hi Jack, you're most welcome. Thanks 4 visiting my blog, I'm sure lots of people are looking forward for it to happen.

    Have a Merry Christmas!!!


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