Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dot TK: Renaming The Internet


Last night, my boi has came across a well known webbie for renaming long and hard-to-remember web addresses into free, short, easy, and secure alternative Dot TK domain names. The main reason we digged out this "old" stuff is because we were trying to make it easy for our MapleStory guid members when typing my blog URL.

For instance, you may enter htt:// into the address bar of your Internet browser instead of Then, Dot TK will redirect you to the original webpage. Hence, you just need to remember "" which is a lot simpler than remembering

All Dot TK websites are connected via TiKinet. If you wish to increase the number of visitors to your webbie for FREE, you may choose to create a TikiLink with brief description and suitable tags (keywords) of your webbie to attract more visitors.

It AIN'T something new anymore, I believe most of you must have used or heard of it long, long time ago. No matter what, it's an honour to share it with those who never known about Dot TK. Have a great weekend !!!

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