Saturday, December 22, 2007

P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You

Hey guys, here comes a sweet and romantic movie for you to watch with your partner on this special Christmas Eve. I've watched the trailer just now, it's a very touching story indeed. How I wish I could watch it with my boi as well... Guys, remember to feedback to me if anyone of you happen to watch this movie, thanks! May you have a great day ahead!

Hilary Swank (Holly Kennedy)
Gerard Butler (Gerry Kennedy)
Lisa Kudrow (Denise Hennessey)
Gina Gershon (Sharon McCarthy)
James Marsters (John McCarthy)
Kathy Bates (Patricia)
On a country road in Ireland over ten years ago, it was love at first sight for Holly, a lost young tourist (Academy Award® winner, Hilary Swank), and Gerry, a charming local lad (Gerard Butler). Hollys formidable mother, (Kathy Bates), disapproved of the couple, concerned that her spirited daughter was too young for marriage.

In the years since, the once fearless Holly has become unsure of her own identity. When Gerry dies with a brain tumor and leaves Holly a widow just shy of her thirtieth birthday, her family and best friends (Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon) are concerned that she will never emerge from her takeout container-strewn Manhattan apartment.

After weeks holed up watching old movies, a birthday cake and tape recording message from Gerry mysteriously arrives, marking the beginning of a series of letters instructing her to perform unusual requests. With the help of her girlfriends, Holly begins a year of wild adventures and a life journey that Gerry has planned for her, helping her to discover who she is without him and reminding her - P.S. I Love You.

Source: Warner Bros


  1. :(
    macam so romantic
    but too bad I got no boi to go watch with me..
    Nvm, I'll pull my friends to go watch with me..XD

  2. hehe michi3, memang romantic =P
    Merry Xmas to u gurl! Hope u'll find your "white horse prince" soon...

  3. Hey Christina,

    I've read the book and guarantee it's great! Loved it very muchie! Only thing now is whether they've done a good job on the movie lor... But Hilary Swank's a great actress, so I'm sure it's pretty good! I'll watch it when it comes to Switzerland ^_^

  4. That's great! I'm gonna watch it with my boi when he comes back ^^v Thanks Bell!


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