Friday, December 7, 2007


I just come back from work, a little bit tired but feeling good. It's nice to work with a bunch of friendly colleagues and a kind boss, and joke at the same time. I'll be going for the morning shift tomorrow, there's still a lot of things need to be learn before I can actually handle all the tasks by myself.

Morning shift would be much easier compare to night shift, there won't be so many calls (take-aways) and walk-in customers. Unlike last time, I need to memorize the prices of all items on the menu. For example, smorgasbord is available in two sizes (small and large) , the price is vary in term of time (lunch or dinner), location (dine-in or take-away), and age (adults or kids).

The restaurant has a huge variety of dishes like squid, duck, prawn, scallops, omelette, vegetables, special dish, noodles, rice, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, soups, and entrees. All of them come in different cooking styles. Besides that, I also need to remember the items included in each package, and the short-form writings for all dishes. This is definitely not a hard job, I'll be able to cope with it as soon as I get use to everything.

By the way, USQ is organizing a Christmas party on this coming Sunday, details are as below. Hope to see you there!~
BBQ Lunch


Date : 9th December 2007 (Sunday)
Time : 12 P.M.
Location : USQ Quad (In front of Student Services - G Block)

All international students/families/friends, IFP students, friends and homestay families are invited to join this party. Don't worry if u're a Muslim, halal meat will be provided just for u. What's more? All children will get to receive a gift from Santa as well!

Please inform Dellie (Student Services) if you are coming
Phone : 0746312882
E-mail :

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