Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Favorite La Senza Lingerie

Luna Slip

These are two of my most favorite sleepwear pieces from La Senza Lingerie, both of them are imported and made of 100% polyester. Luna Slip (top) comes in a sexy shinny material with halter strap around the neck and special bra type closing at the back. Simple Elegance Satin Slip (botoom) has unlined triangle lace cups, slim and adjustable straps, and it's definitely a sexy classic!

Simple Elegance Satin Slip

La Senza Lingerie provides a great variety of sexy and stylish bra lounge, panty bar, sexy lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, as well as many other girl accessories that are available in different attractive colors. I'm sure the ladies out there would be crazy over them and dying to get one for themselves. I have got myself a black Luna Slip and a venus Simple Elegance Satin Slip from Malaysia.

Alright guys, here is a question. Would you step into the lingerie boutique to buy women's wear for your loved one? Be honest...


  1. Why not ? There' nothing to be ashamed of...;)

  2. jr:

    Glad to know that u're brave enough to do so! *cheers*

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