Tuesday, December 25, 2007

PSP Mobile Phones?

Sony PlayStation Portable

My boi bought his black colored PSP back in February this year. It was during Chinese New year when he get his "new toy". I rarely touch the PSP unless to help him clean up the dust. I found that PSP is pretty good for killing time especially when you're travelling from one place to another, or when you're waiting for someone in the car... Its small size (approximately 6.7 width x 2.9 height x .9 depth) and lightweight (approximately 280g / .62 lbs including battery) design makes it easy to carry around.

Need For Speed

One of my boi's favorite PSP games, "Need For Speed". He had been looking for it in the local stores for quite some time until one fine day, we finally spot it in Supa IGA and bought it for only 20 dollars.
  • Master the art of cop evasion and illicit street racing.
  • Lay down the law in Tuner Takedown Mode.
  • Modify your ride to beat any tuner, miscle, or supercar.
  • Earn your reputation in new race modes including Double Down.
Sony Ericsson PSP Phone

I was fascinated to read an article saying Sony Ericsson was planning to launch PSP mobile phones. According to another source, the new product won't be PSP branded but will include some sort of Wii-like motion sensing. Sony Ericsson has been providing a great variety of mobile phones like Walkman® music phones, Cyber-shot™ camera phones, and Bravia TV phones for their customers. My boi is a Sony supporter himself, he falls not only for the high-quality products but also the good services.


  1. i also want to have a PSP... if i only have enough money i might purchase one for myself.

    Merry Christmas my friend

  2. Hehe, thanks buddy! Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you'll get one from Santa =P


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