Sunday, December 16, 2007

Win a $10,000 MYER Shopping Spree and More...

Sunny Day in Toowoomba

Yesterday was one hot sunny day, the main "mission" of the day was to buy enough groceries and food supplies that can last for at least one month. Luckily, I still needa go to work... else, I'm gonna bored to death staying at home all day long. My boi will end up seeing a corpse by the time he come back from Malaysia.

Grand Central

Wow, he is one talented old man!! Take a look at these handicrafts, he made them "live" in front of the shoppers based on his own creativity and well-trained skills.

A Ring to My Dearest Mommy

I love this peridot and diamond ring very much, it's a combination of white gold and yellow gold. My boi and I have bought it for my dearest mommy as her "late" birthday present, hopefully she'll like this ring and think of me whenever she's wearing it.

Christmas Tree in Grand Central

After purchasing the ring, we were told to fill in a form which gives us a chance to win $10,000 MYER shopping spree and more, but the chance seems to be pretty low for us. It would be a different story IF both of us really have that kinda "luck".

Win $10,000 MYER Shopping Spree

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