Friday, December 21, 2007

Puppy the Cute & Lovely Yorkie


His name is "Puppy", son of a loving married couple in Boston. Puppy is a 2 year-old male Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie), all his family members love and cherish him very much especially his parents. I get to know Puppy around half a year ago when I was chatting with his daddy, Siu Minh on Yahoo messenger. Until now, we're still keeping in touch through the internet.

Puppy has a huge collection of soft toys, mostly cute and small in size. His parents are currently finding a perfect match (girlfriend) for him, so that Puppy and his loved one could have a bunch of little puppies together. It's love at first sight when I first saw Puppy on webcam, his cute and innocent look has melted my heart. Any female yorkies in Boston area wish to have a "date" with Puppy? Please let me know.


  1. christina, seems like u r not having much posts about your live in twb. if there is a chance, try to pay a visit to the sunflower farms (any of them) located at Cambooya.. they are nice.. yeah u need a car to drive there :)

    i love them so much.

  2. yeah haan, I've been staying home lately. My boi has gone back 2 Msia, now waiting 4 him 2 come back and go out 2gether =X
    The sunflower farm is nice, but we don't have any car 2 drive there =(

  3. no worries. just a suggestion. coz it's available only in summer :)

  4. Hehe, cool! Will with 2 get there if possible. Thankz 4 da good suggestion ^^v


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