Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Phuket: Monkey Beach (Part III)

Monkey beach on Phi Phi Don

Monkey Beach located at the other side of Phi Phi Island. The island is full of wild monkeys, that is why it has the name "Monkey Beach".

Monkey beach on Phi Phi Don

Do you realize that the monkeys nowadays like to have soft drinks? What's going on? A few years back when my family and I visiting Mount Jerai in Kedah, we saw a cute little monkey there picked up a can of soft drink from somewhere and started to drink.

Monkey beach on Phi Phi Don

These monkeys might look tame to you, but what's gonna happen if you're not willing to share the food in your hands with them? They are cleaver and even know how to swim!!!

Monkey beach on Phi Phi Don

Wow, the sea water here is exceptionally clean and crystal clear, far better than Redang Island. It's also one of the snorkeling spots for tourists.

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