Tuesday, December 11, 2007

APEC Australia 2007 One Dollar Coin

Xmas Tree

Ho, ho, ho... Santa Clause in coming to town!!! Everywhere and everyone is in Christmas mood!!!Have many of u just feel like slacking instead of working? LoL, shopping centres are now having promotional discounts, big sales and end of year clearances, all u need to do is just shopping, shopping, and shopping non-stop =P


I, myself am a Subway supporter but my boi seems to prefer Kebab more. Today, I have the opportunity to taste Kebab in Clifford Gardens, but we both agreed that the Subway franchise in Grand Central provides the most delicious submarine sandwiches in town.

APEC Australia One Dollar

This is an Australian one dollar coin with Elizabeth II on the front and the APEC Australia 2007 Star Logo on the back. According to a trusted eBay seller, these coins are released to celebrate Australia hosting the 2007 APEC meeting in Sydney.

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