Sunday, December 16, 2007

Have A Safe Journey

black and white cabs

My boi is on his way to the Brisbane International Airport now, another 20+ kilometers to go. He called a Black and White Cab to pick him up earlier from here to the airport (around 160 km according to Google Maps) I nearly fainted after the driver told him the price, it's so so freaking expensive!!! He had no choice but paid for the cab fare before departing. The amount is equal to salary of secondary school graduates in Malaysia. Haha, shocking ain't it? I was so sad when my boi leaving me (just for one month). I'm the kinda person who cries easily, I cried so hard in the departure point of Penang International Airport when I was leaving Malaysia.

thai airways international

Hope my boi has a safe journey back to Malaysia, I'll miss him very very much without him by my side, and I'll wait for him patiently to return and suprise me. *Muackz* My boi was asked by the travel agent (Malaysia) to collect the hotel voucher from Sydney International Airport but the flight he's taking (Thai Airways) flies directly from Brisbane International Airport to Bangkok International Airport, how does he suppose to get it then? It sounds ridiculous to me...

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