Friday, December 28, 2007

"Fate" with a Doggie

This afternoon at around 5, the bus took off earlier before I could get to the bus-stop. So, I just rode the number 4 bus to Spring street, from there I started to walk to my working place in Westridge.

All in a sudden, I saw a black-and-white doggie which came out from nowhere. I felt worried and pretty scared at first, he kept following me and once in a while, he turned back to check if I was still behind him. He seems to like me a lot.

He is such a good and clever doggie, I could see that in his eyes. There were several times he just stopped in the middle of junction and waited for me to cross the road. Those people in the cars were starring at me as I was the owner of that doggie but I'm actually not. I felt very much touched by his actions.


From time to time, he left marks on the ground with his urine until we both reached my working place. My colleagues were suprised as well when I told them I was followed by a doggie from Spring Street to Westridge, my boss even gave him some fresh food to eat.

About half an hour later, he left the place without saying goodbye. I miss him so much! If he was still there, my colleague would have kept him as a pet. Dear doggie, please forgive me for not being able to take care of you at that time cuz I was busy working...


  1. christina, ask u a question. thinking of asking my twb gang, but they are not online lately. must be going camping during summer. haiz i can't join.

    want to ask u, what's the name of the lodge which is nearby (behind) the Steele Rudd college? (am not talking USQ colleges) i kept on thinking, but it doesn't ring me any bell. googled it, didn't see any familiar name. not sure if they have changed name. if u got any idea, lemme know.

    it's somewhere like college, not house. in the past there used to be a lot "black" people. but not sure about now. the boss married an asian girl.

  2. Hmm, behind Steele Rudd college? I'm not sure, is it Davis Cottage? I checked the USQ Campus map just now...

  3. argh.. u r so fast.. still thinking to come delete the comment. got the old name already. its name has changed. now it's called the Darling Heights Lodge. thanks anyway for your prompt response :) happy new year.

  4. No problem! Happy New Year to you too ^^v

  5. Aiyer. So cute one the dog. Hope he comes back to you again one day. Fated mar!

  6. Hehe, I hope so. Now just wish that the owner could find him back safely >.<"


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