Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008

2008 is coming in another few more hours, it's time to say goodbye to 2007! I feel very much grateful and thankful as one of my biggest new year's resolution of 2007 has already been achieved. It was always my dream to study abroad (United States), ever since I was a kid. Now, although I am here in Australia continuing my studies, I have no regrets. I sincerely wanna thank my family and my boi for making it happen to me, and I am truly content that my efforts are not wasted. Certainly, there are some "things" that I missed, but it's been a really great year to me. I promise I'll cherish my life, my family, my boi and people who cares about me more than everyone else. So to all my friends, "Lets live our lives to the fullest" and Happy New Year!
2008 new year's resolutions
  1. To loose more weight. (at least 45-47 kg)
  2. To earn more money. (even though my mom told me not to worry about the money)
  3. To study harder and get better results in semester 1, 2008. (so that I won't let my family and those who supports me down)
  4. To complete my bachelor's degree and graduate at the end of semester 1, 2008. (I can't wait for my family to come and attend my convocation ceremony)
  5. To travel to China with my family at the end of 2008. (Thanks my family for postponing the trip to next year)
  6. Able to find a good career after I graduate or continue pursuing my Master’s Degree.
  7. Able to contribute better quality posts for my dearest readers.
  8. To stay healthy and young. (Seriously, I need to consume more water daily)
  9. The relationship between my boi and I could be improved or just stays at the current level. (I'll love him more everyday, hope he wil do the same.)
  10. There is still a lot of things need to be archived but I couldn't think of others at the moment...


  1. christina, a real definite typical girl... to lose weight still ranks the first :)

    i wish u achieve all your dreams. they should not be a prob for u i'm sure!

  2. Haha, thanks haan!~ they're not being arranged sequentially. Maybe I should remove the numbers instead =X

  3. Haha. Mine is not arranged too. =P

    How tall are you eh? All the best in losing weights oh. But stay healthy yea. =D

    Happy New Year!

  4. silverisle, I'm only 163cm =X
    Thank u for your concern ^_^
    Happy 2008!!!

  5. Happy New Year
    not to worry about the weight so much.
    urs just ideal.

  6. Happy New Year to u too, Johnny!
    Hehe, thanks for saying that =D

  7. YO!! great resolutions you have!! All the best and wish you have a great year ahead!! :)

  8. Thank u Jane *muackz*!!!~ Same goes to u...

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  10. Hi matt, thank you for your interest in my photos. I'll send an e-mail to you tomorrow, remember to check it out! Cheers!

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  12. Anonymous:
    Thanks! That is so nice of you to post this comment.


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