Monday, December 17, 2007

Good News

Yay, I've been granted a subclass 537 Higher Education Sector student visa with permission to work. That sounds complicated right? Or should I rather say that I'm legally allowed to work in Australia from now on BUT under certain circumstances.

Nowadays, applying for new student visa (outside or in Australia), renewing student visa, and applying permission to work can be done electronically via Visas & Immigration website. It took them less than 2 weeks time to process my online application (12 days to be exact) without the need to attend interview or others. Just make sure you have a valid visa card or master card to pay for the fees required.

At the same time, the transfer of bond from my previous unit has been successfully processed by rtd (residential tenancies authority) , same goes to my boi’s. It’s always good to have extra emergency cash with you especially when you’re overseas. By the way, my boss just gave me a ring to inform me about this week’s working timetable. Good news is I’ll be able to work more hours next week. Hehe, must work harder then!

Subway Wahu

Just one more thing before I go, Subway Australia is now giving away "scratch and win" card for purchase of any Subway sandwich and coke in single transaction during the promotional period (duedate: 3rd of Feb, 2008). We've got it a few days ago when having meals in Grand Central, guess what's the result I get?


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