Saturday, December 8, 2007

Good Beginning


It’s been a tiring day today. This morning, I’ve witnessed how to setup a restaurant before it’s actually opened. There are quite a number of things need to be prepared and done from kitchen to the service area, cleaning and ingredients preparing are the most important. “Witness” doesn’t mean just stay back and watch. Still, I involved myself in performing every single task, it’s certainly the best and fastest way to learn and remember all the steps.

I was taught the proper ways to use a knife like the chefs do, and the placing of my fingers. There are skills and techniques in cutting fresh ingredients like chicken, fish, veggies, and others which I never know. I’ve gained extra knowledge that I’ll never get to read in my textbooks. In order to improve yourself, you have to practice more as "Practice Makes Perfect", right?

P.S. 斗牛要不要 / 鬥牛要不要 / Bull Fighting 第三集 已经推出啦!赶快来线上观看吧!

Disclaimer: All the videos above are solely for sharing and promotional purpose. Please support original!

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