Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Watch Wars of In-Laws II Online (野蛮奶奶大战戈师奶)


Ta-Da! I'm back with new TVB drama series, "Wars of In-Laws II" starring Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, and my favorite HK actor/singer Bosco Wong. Both Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong have won themselves TVB's Most Popular On-Screen Couple Award after the release of "Wars of In-Laws" in 2005. I seriously don't like his hairstyle (curly hair) in this drama though, it makes him look gay.

汪明荃 饰 戈碧(Ophelia)
胡杏儿 饰 周丽敏
黄宗泽 饰 戈德(Kyle)
许绍雄 饰 毕平凡
滕丽名 饰 高家宝(BoBo)
郭政鸿 饰 王仲祥(CC Wong)
黄长兴 饰 程志尚(Ryan)
胡定欣 饰 李德瑾(Iris)
杨秀惠 饰 宋芷乔(Athena)


其后,碧因一宗不伦丑闻缠身被得力助手高宝宝(滕丽名)恶意陷害而失势,加上儿媳不和,令碧意兴阑珊到离岛避静,就在此时,让她遇见了生命中的第二春—博学多才的监躉阿叔毕平凡(许绍雄),令碧自我反省及学懂放下。当万事看似风平浪静之际,敏却揭发杂志社遭奸人陷害,正面临倒闭。Read more or download the drama here...

Myolie Wu & Bosco WongMyolie Wu & Bosco Wong
Watch Wars of In-Laws II Online(在线观看野蛮奶奶大战戈师奶):
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  1. Ooo....this seems like the most happening drama at the moment!
    I like the ancient version; not sure about this...hope to see it soon:)
    Do tell me how you liked it:D

  2. Hi Christy, the modern one is funny as well. U can watch it now by clicking on the links given above ^_^ Enjoy!~

  3. I watched the first episode and found out it kinda funny... Eh, should I call you as tvb supplier? haha

  4. Haha, just sharing the resources I found ^_^

  5. you already watch this this better then the first one?

  6. sweetiepie: I've only watched the three first episodes, the rest is still on the way. So I can't really make any comparison now...


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