Monday, June 18, 2007

Bad Services We Get in Pizzahut (Prangin Mall)

Today, my whole family and I had the worst experience when dining in the following Pizzahut branch:

Prangin Mall Shopping Complex
Lot No. G-67 (Ground Floor), Prangin Mall Shopping Complex,
Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leo100 Penang.
04. 263 0395

The attitude and services provided by the staffs are extremely poor and bad, the manager in charge (Mr. Asmiezam) takes no action but just said a single "sorry" to us after all the mistakes they made. Here are some of the bad services we get:

1. At first, we waited there patiently for 15 minutes or more still they didn't distribute the menus to us. So we waved at the staffs until one of them saw us but gave us the "Sensasi Delight" menus instead of the main menu which they should've given. We waited for the staff to bring us that particular menu but she didn't show up after a long time, my boyfriend can't wait any longer and get the menu by himself from the menu cabinet.

2. After we placed our order, we waited for the staff to set the dining tools on the table but she end up brought us 7 wet plates which are not cleaned together with spoons and knifes only. So we asked the staff to bring us some forks after we finished our seafood lasagna.

3. After 35 minutes, my sister's boyfriend spoke to the manager, we told him that our mushroom soups are not served and we didn't even get the forks that we suppose to get from the very beginning. Another while later, the staff brought us 6 forks which are not enough for a table of 7 peoples. Still, we waited patiently for them to serve us the soup which is not ready yet.

4. 10 minutes later, finally they served us our soup and I asked for the missing 1 fork and cheese powder. I repeated my request for 2 times in case she didn't get me properly but she end up brought me just 1 fork but no cheese powder.

5. I asked her for the cheese powder again when she passed me that fork, but she came back to me by telling that the cheese powder is finished (out of order). This time, my sister's boyfriend took the empty cheese powder bottle and walked to the counter and asked for a new one. He came back with a full bottle of cheese powder which that female staff claimed it has finished.

6. Again, we waited patiently for our pizzas while having our soups, the pizzas were served after 45 minutes we made our order. What about our 8 pieces of bread sticks?This is the order that we've made:

Anniversary Meal 6
recommended for 6 persons
• 1 Large Pan Pizza
(Supremes/Family Favorites)
• 1 Regular Pan Pizza
(Supremes/Family Favorites)
• 6 Soup-of-the-Day
• 8 pieces of Breadsticks
(Sesame Cinnamon/Parmesan)
• 1 pitcher of Pepsi

7. We waited patiently again until we finish 2 of our pan pizzas but our bread sticks are not served yet. So, I waved and spoke to the waiter again to remind her that our break sticks are not served even though we already finished our pizzas. We waited another 15 minutes for them to bring us the break sticks but they end up brought us the 6 pieces bread for Sensasi Delight set instead of the 8 pieces break sticks, which is totally wrong!

8. I talked to one of the male staffs and he was like wondering around after I informed him about the wrong bread sticks we get. Once again, we waited another 20 minutes and still waiting for them to serve us break sticks which can be made within 14 minutes (according to one of the waitresses). We couldn't wait any longer but walked to the counter and asked for a conversation with the manager in charge.

9. We explained everything clearly to the cashier and told her our wish to take away the break sticks that we didn't get. We paid our bills while waiting for the manager who was talking on his mobile. We spoke to the manager and told him every bad services we get there, he showed totally no concern upon our comments and he never really try to explain or respond to the mistakes made by his subordinates.

My family members and I feel very disappointed after all the bad services we get, I believe that it was not only our family but there were other customers who have shown their angers and dissatisfactions when we were talking to the manager. I know that by filling in the survey form, no action would be taken and nobody will really care about what we wrote. So I've made up my mind to spend my revision time to write a complain letter to Pizzahut customer service. Hoping that we would get a good respond from the person in charge as well as a good solution for us when facing the same condition again.

They should really learn to say "Thank You", "Sorry", "Please wait for a while" and other polite sentences instead of just walking away without saying anything at all. The staffs can't speak English and don't even understand English. Even the manager is the same! What a shame...


  1. I can't tolerate bad services either.. especially when it comes to food... coz I'm really hungry la.. hahaha

  2. Haha, the more hungry u r the more grumpy u will be. Luckily da person incharge already gave me a satisfying feedback.

  3. aih.. malaysia is lyt tat de la..
    it's also almost d same in taiping, perak.

  4. really? I never try Taiping's Pizzahut b4 =X but I luv da char kuey kak there

  5. Prangin Mall Pizza Hut sucks! I totally ban them long time ago. 15 mins to get served with menu even all the staff were busy chatting and giggling over the counter. 25 mins to get the drinks. 30 mins to get the pizza and the order was wrong. Waited another 20 mins for a new pizza. But when it comes to billing, they are really fast.

  6. lolz, ur so right about the billing part =P


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