Friday, June 29, 2007

Sungai Sedim in Kulim

I was quite surprised when reading a forwarded email from my sis regarding this recreational forest in Kulim (which is near to my hometown in Perak). I have done a first level research on this place, these are the information I've gathered and I'd love to share with all of u.

Sungai Sedim is a recreational forest about 30 km northeast of Kulim (South Kedah). The area is being privately developed into an extreme sports recreational centre with sporting activities such as Obstacle Course and Flying Fox, Night Treasure Hunt, White Water Rafting, and Canopy Walkway. It's a great place for those nature lovers, adventurers, and photography enthusiasts to explore.

To reach it from Penang, take the Butterworth-Kulim Highway until the end, and look for the road sign pointing to Hutan Rekreasi Sungai Sedim. For a long while you will pass through fruit plantation, through a very narrow country road before you finally arrive at the recreational area. If you have not been to Sungai Sedim, it isn't very easy to locate. Here is a road map for those who wish to visit this place. If you need any translation, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment.



  1. greetings!

    i wana go there a few days time...

    u got further details about this place?

    guess i received the same email as u did regarding this sg. sedim

    u have their contacts for sg. sedim ?


  2. Hi there, I feel like going there too hehe but I don't think I have time for it. Nope, I don't have any contact details... sorry =.="

  3. Hi. Thanks for the map. I have been searching it thro the internet few times.
    And this one is quite clear!

  4. Hi sctang, I'm glad that you found the map is useful for you! Have fun and enjoy your trip to Sungai Sedim =D

  5. nice photo sharing..... thanks a lot.. may i know what camera you use?

    I am going to Sedim very soon, will sent you my multiply account once completed. Chao..


  6. kindly email me at


  7. Hi CK, you're most welcome! These photos weren't actually taken by me, but in case you still wanna know, I'm using Sony DSC T100 and I'm hoping to see the photos you take when you get to Sg. Sedim. Have a great & safe trip, my friend!

  8. Hi Christina,
    I hv been to Sedim, Kindly go to my web and provide some feedback. goto:


  9. Hi CK, it's glad to know that you're back from Sg. Sedim. How's the trip and everything back there? I've tried to access the url given by you, but somehow failed.

  10. emm.. so nice u wrote bout sedim..
    people out there : sedim is a place must visit before u die ! below is my blog.. my pride of my lovely sedim

  11. Hi there, thanks for sharing. I just have a glance at your blog and wow, you wrote so many things about Sg. Sedim.

  12. was me.. adam..hehe.. plz spend ur time @ my blog someday okeh.. u know what.. today.. 5 march 2009.. sultan of kedah akan bermalam di hulu sungai sedim !

  13. Hi Adam, no worries. Thanks for your info and linking too!


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