Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mee Suah Kor

Just come back from the coffee shop between Ice Ice baby and EON Bank in Pulau Tikus. It's a place where you get to find nice Mee Suah Kor at only RM3.50 per bowl. It's served with slices of crab meat, crab eggs, mushroom, and the most important is vinegar which enhances the aroma and taste of Mee Suah Kor. I kept thinking of having Mee Suah Kor ever since last night, kept telling my boi that I wanna eat nothing else but Mee Suah Kor. Finally get to taste it with no regret!

What are the other nice food besides Mee Suah Kor? There are Roasted Chicken / Duck Rice with their special sauce, a variety of fried rice and fried bee hoon with heart-shaped fried egg, and some other food like Loh Mee, Hokkien Mee, Wan Tan Mee, Braised Chicken Rice, Home-made Pizza, Loh Bak, Chee Cheung Fun and more.

Yesterday, we went to those roadside hawker stalls in the old street somewhere near Prangin Mall where you get to find famous Kuay Chiap garnished with weird ingredients like pig's blood (not square type), pig's tongue, "Loh" egg, sliced pork and others. I never taste it and will never ever try to taste it cause it really looks so disgusting to me, even my boi can't stand the smell of it. It would be hard seeing people eating pig's blood and tongue... maybe it's me only? >.<" Don't u think today's post seems to be too dull and full with junk words, why? Because I'm lack of photos to post! Too busy flirting eating until I've no extra time to think of taking photos. Hehe, here's the one and only photo to show you what dessert am I having right now after a satisfying Mee Suah Kor in town.

My favorite White Fungus aka Peh Bok Nee (雪耳) Soup with red jujube (红枣) and longan (龙眼). By the way, good news to those Fantastic Four supporters out there! The ending of part 2 tells me that part 3 will be coming soon... in the future, maybe another 1-2 years of preparation =D

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